Top 5 Things to know in payroll this week

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1.     More updates to CJRS guidance

The guidance for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is like a never-ending saga with yet more changes published on 4 February. The pages that have been updated include:

2.     HMRC publish form P9X for the 21/22 tax year

An important form for those in UK payroll. The P9X is published every year by HMRC and details the tax codes to use from 6 April including how to change them and which codes to carry forward.

3.     Rates and thresholds for 21/22 tax year

This is probably one of the most important pages you will need to take a look at! The rates and thresholds guidance published by HMRC include details of:

You can find all of this at

4.     SL1 Notices for Plan 4 with start from 5 March

HMRC will begin sending out the SL1 notices to start deductions for the new Scottish student loan Plan 4 from 5 March 2021. Look out for those appearing online and through the post.

The rates and thresholds for the new tax year can be found at

5.     Check out the Payroll Forum!

Obviously I can’t finish a list of things to know in payroll without sending you to the recording of the Payroll Forum that ran on Tuesday. Take a look at–Payroll-Forum-February-S6S33J43D

After you’ve watched that, sign up to the next one on 5 March –

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